Mehdi Hasan Maruf

He is a Bangladeshi author. He has written several books most notably on the subject of History, Religion, Health, Social Awareness & Lifestyle. Some of his books have become very popular among readers in some countries including Bangladesh. The book he has recently published on ‘Children's Body Safety’ has been praised by various human rights organizations, including the Local Government of Bangladesh.


Early life and education:
Mehdi Hasan Maruf was born on February 18, in Mirpur, the northeast of the capital city Dhaka, Bangladesh. He spent his childhood there.
Maruf attended B.N. School in Dhaka up to the tenth grade. He finished his higher secondary in 2008 at Dhaka Commerce College (DCC) and his undergraduate was completed at City Unity College, Athens, Greece.

Personal life:
He married the daughter of an Awami League politician in 2014. He is married to Mehzabin Hasan in 2014.

Public life:
Mehdi Hasan Maruf is one of the emerging writers & digital marketers out there. He is also a marketing expert and a social media campaigner by profession. He believes that “It’s either my way or the highway”. He has been creating a lot of meaningful and authentic content for his audience. According to him, passion comes from within and one must be passionate enough to do something meaningful in life. He has traveled to so many places in the country and has collaborated with many well-known brands for social media campaigns. The campaigns he works on majorly have a high return on investment and he thoroughly loves being a social media influencer and a campaign creator. He has also helped some international clients and brands to grow their business on social media through Facebook & Instagram marketing.

Published books

1: The Journeys Of The 25 Prophets (নবীদের জীবনী): Part 1 & 2,
2: The Battle of Yarmuk: ইয়ারমুকের যুদ্ধ,
3: Tom Sawyer- Er Duhssahosik Ovijan,
4: Let's learn SEO in Bengali,
5: Guide to Higher Education in Europe,
6: Daily Healthy Life,
7: The Medicine of The Prophet ﷺ
8: Taken from Life,
9: Face to Face: From Darkness to Light,
10: Valentine’s Day: A Gentle Reminder For Muslims,
11: Oh, Parents! Keep your child safe,
12: Social Media Marketing: A guideline for beginners,
13: The Prophet (SAW) In The Hereafter: আখিরাতের নবী,